Why GORD Advisory?


GORD Advisory has been established with an aim to help public and private organizations devise their environmental policy and climate strategy by guiding them through every step of the way towards implementation.

At GORD Advisory, we understand that despite their decarbonization ambitions, not every business has the expertise in sustainability domain. This is why we’re here to lend a hand. As experts in sustainability and climate change, we see your business differently. We approach your operations through the lens of sustainability, to find ways that work best for your business and planet earth. While you stay focused on operational excellence, we help you explore endless opportunities to address climate change.

Our mission is to facilitate organizations in reducing their carbon footprint in whatever way possible. In doing so, we recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. This is why we offer bespoke solutions that provide the right fit between your climate ambitions and business resilience. What makes us unique is the diversity of our highly qualified experts, passionate with ideas and rich with experiences from all over the world.

Having worked closely with governments and market leaders, our experts bring the wealth of advisory experience from global firms and multilateral organizations. Our service portfolio extends to international clients from the far east to far west.

How can we help you?

At GORD Advisory

we have the data-driven solutions to realize your climate ambitions. Help us understand your targets so we can help you meet your climate obligations without losing a sight of business’s operational and financial performance.