Web-Based Platform “Green Events Tool”

Events Carbon Neutrality and Sustainability

As part of our advisory services in sustainability domain, GORD Advisory assists organizations is curating and operating carbon neutral and sustainable events. What sets us apart is that we are the global facilitator and operator of Green Events Tool (GeT), developed, hosted and maintained by UNEP, UNFCCC and GORD. GeT is a web-based assessment platform conceived and designed to evaluate the carbon footprint and environmental performance of events.
Through the use of sophisticated GeT and our highly quality specialists, we help organizations target decarbonization and sustainable development by focusing on environmental impacts of mega events, conferences, meetings, exhibitions and trade fairs, etc. From transportation and lodging to paper trails, catering and energy use, we provide an all-encompassing approach that identifies ways to host ecofriendly events with minimal carbon footprint. GeT was launched jointly by GORD, UNFCCC during COP 26 event at Glasgow and is expected to be launched for public use in the second quarter of 2022. In the future, GORD is planning to develop more web-based platforms for carbon neutrality of organizations.