Upstream Emissions Reduction Advisory

Global Upstream Emission Reduction (UER)

Despite the rise in renewables, fossil fuels remain one of the primary sources of energy as well as a leading contributor of greenhouse gases. Knowing that a large part of these emissions is attributed to exploration, drilling and extraction, a key focus of GORD Climate Advisory is the mitigation of global upstream emissions from oil & gas industries. At GORD Advisory, we have the necessary credentials and technical competence to assess, measure and reduce emissions from upstream operations in the oil & gas industries. Through our advisory services, we are helping European fuel suppliers reduce their carbon emissions as per their commitment to European Commission under its Fuel Quality Directives (FQD). Through projects capitalizing on flare reduction, energy efficiency improvement, waste energy recovery, fuel switch and natural gas pipeline leakage reduction, we have supported validation and verification of several UER projects with supply of more than 3 million UERs. Beneficiaries of our services in UERs include leading organizations in UK, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia and Germany. We take pride in being trusted by major European multinational oil & gas companies for whom we identified internal and external Upstream Emission Reduction (UER) opportunities.