Sustainability Advisory Services

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Sustainability Advisory Services

As much as 38% of the global energy-related CO2 emissions result from the construction and operations of buildings we live and work in. Amid rising population and rapid urbanization, sustainable city planning has become a global imperative. Environmental consideration from design through to operations can significantly reduce the ecological impacts of our existing and future built environment. At GORD Advisory, we understand that with the world’s urban population estimated to continue its upward trajectory, sustainable building practices too will define the future of climate change. Our advisory services in sustainability domain benefits from the expertise of our affiliate organizations working on enabling sustainable built environment.  With a comprehensive suite of services, we help public and private organizations in their pursuit towards green transformation through green building practices reflected during design, construction and operations of building and infrastructure projects.

Performance Standards Development

With proven track record in standards setting and green building certifications, we support organizations in developing performance standards customized to their unique needs….
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Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency

Our experts have internationally and regionally recognized professional accreditations to facilitate our clients throughout the energy audit process….

Indoor Air Quality Management

We facilitate indoor environment monitoring for all types of facilities by analyzing factors related to noise, light, air temperature, humidity, air throw/velocity and air pollutants….

Renewable Energy Strategies

Offering bespoke solutions, we perform feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis to narrow down the most appropriate renewable technology for each client….

Built Environment Decarbonization & Net Zero

By charting a roadmap to cut down their energy footprint, we guide organizations on transforming their facilities into energy neutral developments….

ESCO Services Management

We facilitate organizations in embracing ‘ESCO model’ approach and guide them in implementing energy solutions that result in energy conservation, cost savings and emissions reduction….
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ESG Engagement Services

Our advisory services help businesses realize the outcomes that work for their ESG rating all the while making them thrive….