Global Context

GORD Advisory global context

With increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, governments regionally and globally are aptly prioritizing sustainability at the forefront of their political agenda. As legislative pressure continues to rise, organizations can no longer operate business as usual. To survive today, every business must be a sustainable business. With ESGs gaining traction, proactive businesses have realized that demonstrating environmental responsibility is beyond goodwill and voluntary action. Organizations – big or small – must demonstrate the climate leadership to low-carbon economy. Entities must contribute to the Paris Agreement that follows the ambitious undertaking of restricting global warming to well below 2, ideally to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

With the global focus shifting towards the tangible repercussions of climate change and protection of the environment, dynamic organizations are increasingly embedding climate adaptation as their core business requisite. In today’s world where environmental performance has started to shape financial performance and business assurance, we know that sustainability is now a strategic imperative for every industry. Bold organizations are investing in their people, processes, and systems to be future-ready to confront climate change and the degradation of the environment.