ESCO Services Management

Management of ESCO Project Development

Today’s sustainability discourse is incomplete without energy transition. That said, continuing our ‘fossil fuel phase-out’ debate without prioritizing energy efficient projects would simply mean missing an obvious blind spot. Despite their environmental benefits, uptake of energy smart projects has remained considerably low, primarily due to the financial risks attached with such endeavors. In this context, ESCO markets encourage businesses to opt for upgrading and optimizing their systems for enhanced energy efficiency, without bearing the financial risks attached with the project. Financial expenditure linked with the energy solutions are derived at a later stage from the cost savings guaranteed by ESCOs as a part of feasibility studies.  After a thorough analysis of business’s energy needs, existing O&M practices and areas of improvement, ESCOs propose solutions which help organizations mitigate their carbon footprint while also saving energy costs.  Understanding the need to scale up energy-efficient projects, GORD Advisory helps organizations embrace ‘ESCO model’ approach and guides them in implementing energy solutions that result in energy conservation, cost savings and emissions reduction.

Our team, with extensive experience of working with ESCO projects, can assist businesses in undertaking preliminary assessments (PAs), conducting investment grade energy audits (IGAs), performing retro-commissioning studies, developing measurement and verification plans, baseline measurements and written scopes of work. Subcontractors working with GORD Advisory can further support our clients in conducting IGAs, engineering projects, arranging project financing, procuring and installing necessary equipment, and in monitoring and verifying energy savings achieved through the proposed approach.