Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Building resilience by responding to the catastrophic impacts of climate change is becoming a strategic imperative for organizations, cities and countries alike. At GORD Advisory, we make businesses, governments and regions future ready with measures that can radically improve their environmental resilience. The scope of our advisory services in climate change mitigation and adaptation domain extends from assisting small businesses and local governments to national, regional and sector-wide coverage. Our team of multidisciplinary experts assesses, analyzes and verifies a wide array of factors to provide data-driven solutions that best transform our clients’ environmental commitment into climate action.

By studying the susceptibility to climate change, we help local and national governments formulate adaptation strategies and mitigation actions backed by measurable and tangible goals towards climate resilience.  With a holistic approach that encompasses sector-based decarbonization, policy intervention and adaptation measures, GORD Advisory can be your trusted partner in meeting your net-zero targets. Maximizing the impact of our collaboration with national governments, we can maximize the impact of your climate initiatives by working with regional bodies to take sector-wide actions towards climate change mitigation and adaptation.