Carbon Neutrality & Decarbonization Strategies

GORD Advisory global context

Businesses today are navigating through the uncertainty of climate change. At GORD Advisory, we help ambitious organizations strategize their low carbon development and achieve carbon neutrality through impactful measures that meet their operational needs as well as climate commitments. Enriched with decades of experience and empowered by sophisticated tools, our team of consultants works hand in hand with business leaders to deploy responsive decarbonization strategies in line with Paris Climate Agreement.

Our advisory on carbon neutrality extends beyond pen and paper. We stand by you through every step of the way until we see the plan transform into quantifiable outcomes. We guide you through the implementation process and stick around to assess the efficacy of our proposed strategy. By translating your business activities and operations into countable emissions, we can help you develop your first Carbon Footprint Report, which can then be the stepping stone of your journey towards low carbon development. In assessing your current emissions, we also identify your future savings. By interacting closely with people, operational facilities, systems and processes, we know exactly where decarbonization opportunities lie. Having adequate expertise in measurement, mitigation, offsetting and neutrality, GORD Advisory can assist any organization – big or small – irrespective of their existing progress on the path to carbon neutrality.