Built Environment Decarbonization & Net Zero

Energy Neutral Buildings

GORD Advisory provides energy management solutions for all types of buildings and infrastructure projects. By charting a roadmap to cut down their energy footprint, we facilitate organizations in turning their facilities into energy neutral developments that are not only ecologically safe but also financially viable. From the formulation of net-zero strategy through to implementation and conformance, experts at GORD Advisory can help businesses meet their net-zero ambitions. With access to cutting-edge tools and highly qualified specialists, we can help you establish your new facility from scratch with passive design techniques or transform your existing facilities into energy neutral developments by upgrading them with smart energy systems.

In enabling net-zero buildings, we begin with the process of pre-site assessment where we go through site related data. This is followed by field work and site assessments to evaluate if the existing systems in place are in line with applicable industry standards recognized worldwide. Analyzing the data procured through these assessments helps us determine the right GHG mitigation opportunities. We then collate the information into a comprehensive report that provides a clear route to achieve the sustainability targets set forth to meet our clients’ net-zero commitments.