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GORD Advisory

Founded by the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD), GORD Advisory is a Centre of Excellence that provides advisory on sustainability and climate change. It is committed to helping organizations optimize their strategies and operations to reach environmental excellence and guide them through their decarbonization and carbon mitigation efforts.

With experience in advising governments and industries, sustainability experts at GORD Advisory strategize entities’ sustainable development through tailormade solutions customized to provide the best fit between their business needs and environmental sustainability targets and decarbonization ambitions.

GORD Advisory
What we offer


Advisory Services

Whether you’re looking to devise a corporate climate strategy or interested in finding ways to reduce your project or organization’s overall GHG emissions, we can get the ball rolling.

Carbon Neutrality & Decarbonization Strategies

Our consultants work hand in hand with business leaders to narrow down the best approach to reach carbon neutrality in line with Paris Climate Agreement….

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Upstream Emissions Reduction Advisory

We have the technical competence to assess, measure and reduce emissions from upstream operations in the oil & gas industries….
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Web-Based Platform “Green Events Tool”

We assist organizations is curating and operating sustainable and carbon neutral events with unique methodologies and tools backed by UN agencies….

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GHG Emissions Inventories

We support governments and businesses develop and review their emission inventories; assist them in emission reporting, and work on emission projections that align with their mitigation goals….

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Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

We help local and national governments formulate adaptation and decarbonization strategies backed by measurable and tangible goals towards climate resilience….

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Performance Standards Development

With proven track record in standards setting and green building certifications, we support organizations in developing performance standards customized to their unique needs….
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Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency

Our experts have internationally and regionally recognized professional accreditations to facilitate our clients throughout the energy audit process….

Indoor Air Quality Management

We facilitate indoor environment monitoring for all types of facilities by analyzing factors related to noise, light, air temperature, humidity, air throw/velocity and air pollutants….

Renewable Energy Strategies

Offering bespoke solutions, we perform feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis to narrow down the most appropriate renewable technology for each client….

Built Environment Decarbonization & Net Zero

By charting a roadmap to cut down their energy footprint, we guide organizations on transforming their facilities into energy neutral developments….

ESCO Services Management

We facilitate organizations in embracing ‘ESCO model’ approach and guide them in implementing energy solutions that result in energy conservation, cost savings and emissions reduction….
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ESG Engagement Services

Our advisory services help businesses realize the outcomes that work for their ESG rating all the while making them thrive….

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What we offer


Advisory Services

Are you interested to kickstart your first zero-energy project or looking to implement green building practices on your existing building or infrastructure project, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us We’re just a click away! Contact us now to find out how our multidisciplinary team can help you through your sustainable development journey and meet your net-zero ambitions.

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